The Open Link is a CKEditor plugin, extending context menu with a possibility to open link in a new tab. The vulnerability allowed to execute JavaScript code by abusing link href attribute. It affects all users using the Open Link plugin at version 1.0.5.


Assigner: [email protected]


  • mlewand open_link_plugin 1.0.5


CVSS version: 3.1 Base score: 6.1
Base severity: MEDIUM Vector: AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:R/S:C/C:L/I:L/A:N
Exploitability score: 2.8 Impact score: 2.7

Can you explain the CVE description?

This CVE description is for a vulnerability identified as CVE-2024-37888 in the Open Link plugin for CKEditor. The vulnerability allows an attacker to execute JavaScript code by abusing the link href attribute. This vulnerability affects all users using the Open Link plugin at version 1.0.5. The CVSS score for this vulnerability is 6.1, which is considered medium severity. The CWE associated with this vulnerability is CWE-79, which is Improper Neutralization of Input During Web Page Generation (Cross-site Scripting). The vulnerability was published on June 14, 2024, and the status is marked as EARLY_WARNING. The exploitability score is 2.8 and the impact score is 2.7. More information about this vulnerability can be found at the provided URL:

How can this vulnerability be part of an attack tree?

This vulnerability can be part of an attack tree by being used as an entry point for an attacker to execute malicious JavaScript code on a victims system. The attacker could create a specially crafted link that exploits the vulnerability in the Open Link plugin, and then trick the victim into clicking on the link. Once the link is clicked, the attackers JavaScript code would be executed in the context of the victims browser, potentially allowing the attacker to steal sensitive information, manipulate the victims session, or perform other malicious actions. This could lead to further exploitation and compromise of the victims system or data.

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