Empowering Your Cybersecurity with Advanced Intelligence

BaseFortify is an avant-garde Threat Intelligence application, innovated at the frontier of cybersecurity technology. Developed by Axxemble, which has also brought you the comprehensive ISMS solution Base27, BaseFortify stands as a testament to our commitment to enhancing information security. Leveraging the profound capabilities of Deep Learning and Large Language Models, BaseFortify delivers up-to-the-minute alerts on vulnerabilities affecting your digital infrastructure.

Why BaseFortify?

The cybersecurity landscape is dynamic, with new vulnerabilities emerging daily. For small to medium-sized businesses, staying abreast of these threats is a challenge—often due to the scarcity of resources for dedicated cybersecurity personnel. BaseFortify bridges this gap, offering an automated, intelligent tool that continuously monitors the web for vulnerability reports. By integrating advanced matching algorithms and daily analysis of Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs) by MITRE, BaseFortify ensures your business is always one step ahead of potential threats.

Our Offerings

BaseFortify operates on a freemium model, providing essential functionalities to all registered users while offering an enhanced suite of features to our premium subscribers.

BaseFortify BASIC includes:

  • A watch list for up to 100 components
  • Weekly vulnerability summary reports
  • Easy maintenance and import options for your components list
  • Advanced matching algorithms for early threat detection
  • Automated CVE annotation for comprehensive insights

BaseFortify PREMIUM elevates your security with:

  • An unlimited component watch list
  • Immediate notifications alongside weekly summaries
  • Vulnerability forecasting through advanced Deep Learning techniques
  • A sleek Dark Mode UI for enhanced usability

Getting Started

Embark on your cybersecurity enhancement journey with BaseFortify by registering for a free account today. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of managing your cybersecurity posture with our guided setup and user-friendly interface. For any assistance or inquiries, reach out to us at [email protected].


Our FAQ section addresses your most pressing questions about BaseFortify, from understanding its functionality and intended users to integration with existing tools and unique features that set us apart from the competition. Dive into our FAQs for a deeper understanding of how BaseFortify can transform your cybersecurity strategy.

Policy Pages

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